While working with his business and information technology clients over the years, Kurt asked himself, "Why do projects fall behind schedule and run over budget?" There must be a whole world of people who have created innovative solutions. I wasn't concerned with the size of the client or the complexity of the solution. Then I had a thought, can't a tool create a community that people can learn from and share there own experiences. I want companies to feel that collaboration and innovation can exist across the organization.

Kurt O'Brien - Principal

Over the past two decades, Kurt has led business transformations and global SAP implementations with corporate clients, such as, The Coca-Cola Company, at&t, Pratt & Whitney, Olin Corporation, Phillips Petroleum, Flowers Industries and Coca-Cola Enterprises. Bringing together his business experience and his deep understanding business strategies and the enabling technologies, Kurt brings a dedicated yet practical focus to Arch Strategies' content and collaboration. Most recently Kurt served as a Principal, creating tools and methodologies.

Kurt graduated from University of Missouri-Rolla with a degree in Engineering Management, and Washington University, with a Masters in Engineering Management.

2007 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee

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